#FairTuesday is an initiative created to promote and highlight the impact of ethical shopping in the holiday season. Following on the heels of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the goal of #FairTuesday is to inspire conscious consumerism and show how an everyday purchase can change lives in a whole community.


The movement was launched in 2012 by Global Goods Partners, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering women around the globe through fair trade. Over the course of five short weeks, #FairTuesday reached over 3 million people and brought together 135 partners in 13 countries.




It’s easy - when you buy just one fair trade or ethical gift, you create positive change!




This year, we're determined to make #FairTuesday bigger and better. This is where your dollars come in! To reach a larger audience, we want to build a new interactive website -- one place where you can find fair trade, ethical and eco-friendly brands. We need just $5,000 to develop the new #FairTuesday website (web developer, graphic designer, promotional materials) to reach new consumers looking to buy gifts that give back.




Support #FairTuesday!


1. Help us spread the word! Tweet about our crowdfunding campaign and use hashtag #FairTuesday to help us reach our goal. The more people that join the movement, the more change we can create in communities around the world!


2. This year #FairTuesday falls on December, 3 2013, so skip Black Friday and Cyber Monday and purchase one (or more) fair trade or ethical gift on #FairTuesday!




If you are an organization and would like to join the movement, shoot us an email to FairTuesday@globalgoodspartners.org